Greetings Belovedz!

Sending out lots of Radiant Light & Love to ALL of our Customers & Consultation Clients!!! We've received lots of calls asking if we have this remedy or that remedy in. Yes we are well stocked but not sure for how long as we've been busy filling ordered through out this Pandemic.   We stocked up early in the year so all we are doing now is taking orders, packaging,  and shipping all while using precautionary measures to keep our clients safe. 

We have always used FedEx for shipping as we get the best delivery time and our clients/customers have ALL given 5 stars for our delivery.  We've always shipped anywhere in the US within 3-5 days time. During this time we will be adding 2 days onto that to give an allowance to FedEx during this World Pandemic. As for our Bay Area Clients/Customers we are no longer doing in person pickups. We ask that you order online until it is safe to return back to in person pick ups. We appreciate you and are grateful that you have continuously  chosen to patronage us  to help you maintain & keep your health in Balance.

We are wishing the very best outcome for all of you & your loved ones. Remember we are here   you...

Please Remain Safe & Healthy!

~Empress: Diamond (Ankh, Udja, Seneb!}