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Optimal Health is a Birth Right that is naturally inherits for every hue-man being, and animal at the time of its manifestation. When looking at our Health it is wise to look back to the premise of our most Ancient Ancestors.
An important key to making sure that you are maintaining Optimal Health is making sure your body’s internal environment/fluids has the proper Acid Alkaline balance, and making sure your body is eliminating properly without harm. One of the ways you can do this is by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables that are in season, staying away from Genetically Modified Foods “GMO’S” and eating organically grown from local farmers. Using Herbs and Minerals help maintain balance and restore balance.

A very important key to determining proper health is when all of your body fluids inside your internal environment are maintained with the proper Acid Alkaline (Potential Hydrogen) balance and when the body is eliminating properly without harm. Your internal environment is based on the fluids your organs and cells live in and depend on. When your body’s internal environment (Acid /Alkaline Balance) maintains a PH (potential hydrogen) that is slightly alkaline, disease can’t flourish. It’s when the PH is off by the simplest point, disease begins and health starts to diminish, intern a host of diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis, Obesity, Impotency and other illnesses begin to take place. You must keep your internal environment in mind to effectively resist disease and maintain optimal health.

When your body is functioning correctly it is maintaining state of homeostasis, this means:

A) The body temperature should be (98.6F)

B) Acidity and Alkalinity of the body fluids (7.4ph)

C) The concentration of certain chemicals dissolved in the body fluids should be low to none. To keep dissolved chemicals in check it is recommended that you cleanse your bodies cells, organs, and colon at least 4 times per year with the change of the seasons.

D) The gluacetic acid, lactic acid. These acids are all poisonous. We have to eliminate them from our bodies as quickly as possible. When our organs such as the kidneys and large intestines work to eliminate these poisons they suffer great damages from the types of acids listed above. In order for the body to neutralize these toxic poisons, our body needs mineral compounds that are produced by alkalizing cose level in the blood are normal at 70 – 100 mg/dL in children and 70 – 140 mg/dL in adults.

E) The amount of body fluids should remain at 70-80% of the your total body make-up.

F) The normal range for CO2 is 30 – 40mm of Hg.

The foods you chose to eat are of equal importance in making sure all of the levels above are maintained in their proper perspectives. Foods can be measured on an acid alkaline chart to determine their ability to sustain and improve health or make ill by diminishing health. Acid forming food has a tendency to leave inorganic and organic acid that produce different chemicals in the body like sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, foods, certain herbs and specific herbals compounds. Together the mineral compound attach to the acid to produce other substances which are no longer poisonous to our bodies. Thus elimination can take place without harm.