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Question: What is Papyrus Herbals™?

Herbalist: Papyrus Herbals is not just a Product Manufacturing Company it’s a Whole Life Natural Health and Healing Experience.We make Mother Nature’s Cures available in a unique way. Papyrus Herbals™ has been dedicated to creating a wide range of Electrical Herbal Remedies Since 1998. We’ve created two lines of Electrical Herbal formulas: Ancient Herbal Remedies which consist of maintenance products for your Whole Body, Bath and Body Remedies. Optimal Health Remedies help to facilitate Immune Building for all types of Cancers, System Rejuvenation and Building in situations of crisis; Diabetes, High Blood Pressure Lupus, Asthma and other serious dis eases.

Question: Are there any side effects from the use of Papyrus Herbals™ Remedies?

Herbalist:There are no harmful side-effects (no other dis eases occurring, irritability, loss of sleep, mineral depletion none of that) when taking any of Papyrus Herbals Remedies. We advise that while taking the Herbal Remedies you hydrate your body regularly to help the release of toxins thru your Excretory System. This helps restore a Healthy Natural Internal Environment. The only effect that your body will experience is the Cleansing and Restoring of your body’s systems back to a state of Homeostasis.

Question: What if balance is lost and dis ease has taken root why use herbs?

Herbalist: Nature has always provided us with healing and nourishment through Vegetables, fruits and herbs. Plants were our first foods here for our health and healing purposes. Even before we knew about their benefits… they were already here ready to assist us in the healing of all most all illness/dis-ease. Plants (Herbs) awaken the self-healing inherit ability within the human body. Nature’s food is natural and has the ability to heal/cure any acquired condition affecting the body.

The plant kingdom is the only optimal form of nutrition containing the complete spectrum of nourishment. This is why we use plants in the form of barks, leaves, roots, sea vegetation containing a complete spectrum of organic mineral to facilitate healing of the Nations. Using Herbal Compounds and combinations is a great way to remain in balance with nature and bring about healing for optimal health and wellness.

Question: What about Drugs for Dis ease?

Herbalist: Allopathic medicine arrived on the scene in 1893 this was the first time that the words Pharmacy and prescriptions came too be used. Herbs are the bases for all pharmaceutical drugs on the market today. However all pharmaceutical drugs are all synthetically produced. These synthetic petro based drugs come with a host of side effects.

It was in 1903 when we first heard the debacle of Mother Nature’s herbal cures. The debacle was advertised through propaganda campaigns paid for by big Pharmaceutical companies. People were persuaded to forget all about Mother Nature’s Cures. Herbs quickly became the forgotten foods at that time. People then made the switch from Mother Nature’s medicines to using synthetic petro-based medicines. This switch from nature to an unnatural man made substance called pharmaceuticals has brought on an influx of dis- ease and illness as side effects and has done little to help people to gain optimal health and well being. The health of the people has been on a steady decline.

Question: Why is the maintenance of our Health so important?

Herbalist: Optimal Health is a Birth Right that is naturally inherit for every hue-man being and animal at the time of its manifestation. Having good health vs. bad health dictates the quality of Life you can or cannot live. There are things you may be doing that have an effect on the type of lifestyle you live be it a healthy one or one filled with disease and illness. The foods we eat, and the way we live our life everyday has an effect on our life and how it is expressed. When we don’t make sure our body is eliminating toxins and acids properly we help give way to dis ease. There are also things being done to our environment everyday by those who want to capitalize by any means they can. There are things we can do to help maintain good health and those things are very important to our livelihood and the maintenance of our health.

Question: How often should I Cleanse my System using the Colon Cleansing Introductory Package?

Herbalist: If it is your first time Cleansing we recommend three consecutive months. If you have cleansed using herbs in the past 2-3 months it is recommended you Cleanse with the changes of the Seasons 4 times per year for 21 days. This helps keep you insinc with Nature.

Questions: Can I take Herbs while pregnant?

Herbalist: It is not advisable to do colon cleansing during pregnancy because the body may release toxic waste into the blood stream that can be transmitted into the blood stream of the baby and may be harmful. The best time for a cleansing is prior to becoming pregnant. There are many herbs that are safe during pregnancy, for more detailed information on those and other things that should be avoided during pregnancy please consult a competent health provider and read the blog titled; Pregnancy and Herbs.

Questions: Are Herbs safe for children to use?

Herbalist: Absolutely.People have been using herbs to heal children for centuries. With all things we ingest for our health we must make sure to use them according their recommended daily doses.

Question: How is Optimal Health maintained?

Herbalist: An important key to making sure that you are maintaining Optimal Health is making sure your body’s internal environment/fluids has the proper Acid Alkaline balance, and making sure your body is eliminating properly without harm. One of the ways you can do this is by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables that are in season, staying away from Genetically Modified Foods “GMO’S” and eating organically grown from local farmers. Using Herbs and Minerals help maintain balance and restore balance. For more detailed info on maintaining Optimal Health please check out our blog titled; How to Maintain Optimal Health by clicking here; http://papyrusherbalsonline.com/how-to-maintain-optimal-health/

Question: What are Papyrus Herbals™ Policies and Procedures? http://papyrusherbalsonline.com/policies-and-procedures/