"What People Are Saying About Us"

Shante' Mackie, RN
Empress Diamond you are the best at what you are doing for your people. You are dedicated to this work and I am here for it. You have helped rid me of Fibroid Tumors that nearly cost me my uterus. I am so happy I met you at your booth. I loved the info I received during and after my Optimal Health Consultation and the manner in which you have followed up with me is nothing short of a huge blessing. I needed my hand held through this process and you did just that. My cycles are back down to 2-3 days & lite. No more heavy cycles. The Most High has blessed us with you and your family offering these wonderful products. You know I love you guys dearly. Thanks for everything!

Tracy Smith-Brown
I love Papyrus Herbals Online because every time I take their remedies I feel relief shortly afterwards. My Sinuses are cleared up and my bowels are moving smoothly since taking these products. I've taken two of the Respiratory Packages over the last 3 months and have been clear of any respiratory troubles from the second day I started taking them. My allergies and sinuses cleared up and have not returned. I am taking the Sea Moss, Crystal Green, & Bitter Tonic as maintenance and it's working out for me. Thx!

Brad Washington
Thanks Empress for your consistent work in the Natural Health field. I've been using these herbs 2 years now and today I can say that your herbs are always on point. The Agbara is my go to for energy, stamina, & keeping my sugar balanced. As a truck driver I really need to keep my energy up and Agbara and your Sea Moss does the trick. I also love your cleansing packages both the Male Package and the Deluxe Package...they get the job done. keep on sis you know what you are doing.

Lakeisha Graves RN
I was feeling anxious and panicky when diagnosed with Metastatic Stage 4 Breast Cancer before starting Papyrus Herbals Online Optimal Health Plus Remedies. A month after starting my remedies my bowel movements went from 1 to 7 per day. My gut felt like it was being cleansed daily. Each month on the remedies my health improved. My energy levels has increased. I have not lost my appetite and am confident and free in my thoughts. After just 5 months my body is free of ALL met (Cancer) disease.

Lynette Sullivan
I am deeply humbled by the services I have received from Papyrus Herbals owner Empress Diamond and her daughter Dawn over the last 5 in a half years. This woman is a GEM in that she loves what she is doing and is good at it. I came to her in April of 2014 with stage 4 breast Cancer diagnosis. I was so scared when I first called her as I wanted to live and did not trust the establishment. I am going on 6 years free from any trace of Breast Cancer. I followed her Optimal Health Consultation recommendations with Remedies. I am back from that serous situation alive and well doing what I always wanted to do; live my best life. You guys love and support have helped me be here for myself & my loved ones and that's everything to me. I am deeply thankful!

Fredneshia Marks

Empress herbals do exactly what she says - cleanse cleanse cleanse. One of the biggest transformations I've noticed within myself is the ability to focus. I often would experience this cycle of "start-stop". With the aid of the herbs, as well as a plant-based diet, everything has aligned for me - physical, mental, spiritual. Oh, and did I mention weight-loss!

Jessica Stephems-Stanley
I got the phone call from my doctor that I have been waiting to hear. "your results are normal NO MORE CANCER!!! A big THANK YOU TO LADY EMPRESS AT PAPYRUS HERBALS ONLINE she told me not to worry she had me and she did wonderful she's has the BEST products for your needs.
Get Ya Consultaions!!!
She's the BEST!!!!!

Brotha Amin

This SiStar Empress: Diamond I respect what she's doing with these Herbs.
She's Got The Roots!

About 20 years ago I asked this SiStar if she knew of this Herbal Plant from Belize (you can't get it here in the States)...She not only heard of it SHE HAD IT! SHE HAD STUDIED AND EXPERIMENTED WITH IT AND HAD IT! Anyways, this SiStar creates this Tonic that has that bark from Belize in it...BITTER TONIC...

I Get with the BITTER TONIC!!!

Darrin (San Fransisco Fire Fighter)
I started using the Agbara & Sea Moss Powder Drink Mix during my training as a Fire Fighter endurance levels went up. All I can say is I feel like I'm 18yrs old again. Get with these products they really work!

Jessica Stephens- Stanley
I used to cry almost every day when my mom pasted away. I didn't feel like eating or doing anything for years I mourned my mothers passing. Then I met Ms Empress. I signed on for the Optimal Health Plus Consultation Package; had my consultation and she changed my WHOLE life back to my old self. she introduced me to her Papyrus Herbals Online Remedies. The Sea Moss ,Optimal Health Consultation Remedies (Mushroom Complex), Liquid Iron & my other capsules I had to take worked. Let me tell you I feel like a new and better me. No more crying. I can now talk about my mom without feeling down. My dry skin is not dry anymore. My energy is 100% I definitely recommend these products. They saved me along with lady Empress coaching!!!!!

Fay Conners
My health problems were mounting when I was introduced to Empress by my girlfriend. I was dealing with symptoms of Lupus and over weight. My girlfriend recommended I get a consult which I did. Nothing prepared me for the insight I was to be opened to from Empress Diamond. The consultation was of God and truly a divine intervention. I am in better health & have lost 50lbs in just 2months of the 75lbs I want to lose . I am so happy to have introduced to Empress Diamond. Her Southern manner in which she spoke put me at ease with her. Her way of giving the consultation insight plain & truthful has help me get my life together. I love this woman and everything that she is doing to help people heal. I am happy to be on a journey with her by my side. May you be blessed Empress Diamond!!!
-Fay Conners / CEO Software Tech

Barry Carter

These herbal products are the best hands down. Consistent time and time again. I tell y'all that Agbara for men is out of this world for a males stamina and drive. This sista Empress is on it with her remedies. I'm feeling like I did 20yrs ago. You must clean out first with the Cellular Cleansing Package it sets you up for everythang to Go All The Way Up!

Brotha's get with this sista on these herbs. Papyrus Herbals Online is the BEST!

Stacie Bryant
Adding the Sea Moss and Crystal Green to Luke's whole food formula for the past two days has has done the following:
●Decreased the severity of his seizures
●Given him more energy
●Decreased aggravation
●Promoted healthier bowel movements (he suffers from chronic constipation)
●Helped him to sleep better at nap time and nights

I will not stop looking for ways to help my son for as long as he has breath!😊

Aspen Maiden
Love the Papyrus Herbals...I have been battling with heart burn and acid reflux during my pregnancy and could not find anything to relieve it. I have tried all the over the counter medicines but to no avail, and I did not want to try any harsh prescription medications. It wasn't until Empress suggested Sea Moss Powder for overall health that I found relief. I tried a table spoon of the Sea Moss Powder in my smoothie and that same night I was able to sleep without being awaken with burning sensation of acid in my throat. thank you Empress for the recommendation.

Agatha White

Very knowledgeable and caring.

Mack Isaac
I've had dry skin in the past, but since using y'all Black Soap and Shea Butter my skin feels amazing. I've stopped using chap-stick since I've been using their Shea Butter. I highly recommend Papyrus Herbals Online products.

Tammy Jessup
After using Papyrus Herbals Ancient Remedies about a year I decided to get a Optimal Health Consultation to get help with my more serious health issues and try their Optimal Health Remedies. Once my consultation was done I'd wished I had never waited, it was the best consultation ever. Empress Diamond asked the right questions and got right down to the lifestyle habits that had lead me on the path of bad health. The level of remedies I received with the consultation were NEXT LEVEL and on point for what I was looking for to assist with my issues. I am on month 3 of my journey on the Optimal Health Remedies back to Optimal Health and am healing on a deeper level with the Consultation remedies. I not only LOVE the remedies but the CUSTOMER SERVICE is 5Star. I strongly recommend anyone dealing with serious health issues to get with the Consultation plans as they work...I mean really work.
-Tammy Jussup RN / June 2019

Julia Summers
Papyrus Herbals Online is the TRUTH. My husband & I started using these products back in August 2018 for immune issues & Herpes. We had been suffering with serious breakouts over the last 7years every 2-3 months or so we would have break outs with no relief. We purchased Papyrus Herbals OPTIMAL HEALTH PLUS CONSULTATION package and over the first 2 months we only noticed the tingling sensation come on every so often but no outbreaks. After 3 months neither of us had an outbreak and we were both amazed at how good we felt. Energy, life, clarity for me , my husband has regained his stamina and keeps mentioning how alive he's feeling.
Cleansing on this deep level has helped me deal with some deep emotional pain from my childhood. My consultations with Ms Empress has helped me in ways I never knew I could be helped. This process has helped me on every level mentally, spiritually, & physically. My husband & I remained on the full OPTIMAL HEALTH PLUS CONSULTATION PACKAGE FOR 6 months with no herpes outbreaks and very satisfied with the results. It is now June 6th, 2019 and we have been on an extended maintenance package to help maintain our health. Papyrus Herbals Online products are the way to go for serious health issues.

Kiara Smith

I purchased the Optimal Health Plus Package. I had an AMAZING experience with the consultation. At first I didn’t understand why I needed a consultation….I thought I’d just tell what’s wrong and there was a one size fit all herbal package would be given to me. Oh no…not with this consultation lol. This Consult gave me more insight to all the Systems of my body {strengths and weaknesses} I received a personalized plan for my Health conditions. Empress gave me detailed background tying everything together with my current health concern she gave me insight as to how my mental, emotional, & past traumas that connect with what’s going on with me and root causes . Which I thought was Uniquely different from all the other companies I had used prior…this was highly important to be able to recommend the herbs. Long story short the Optimal Health Plus Consult was an excellent choice for me I learned a lot about my body. The Herbal Remedies are working well just after 4 days I had so much energy! After not having any energy due to my illness & chronic anemia over the last year. A week in and I lowered my pain pills, after my first 2 weeks I no longer needed any of the Pharmaceuticals at all because the herbs are healing my pain. Looking forward to continued healing using Papyrus Herbals Optimal Health Consultation Remedies. I am feeling the best I have felt in a year in just a short period of time with just doing half the plan as I am adding more of the plan each day. I am Looking forward to all other benefits in the near future!

Thanks Empress Diamond

Ka Ra Neter

I ordered the colon cleanse package and I love it, I’ve been full of energy and I was having digestive issues but it’s been back on track since taking the cleanse and following the dietary suggestions, I also fasted 24 hours every week and taking the herbs and sea moss I didn’t get hungry at all, I will definitely be buying this package again.

Hasani Jubert
I am really glad and surprised at the results I’ve had since I’ve started the Maintenance Health Consultation Package. Empress has taught me a lot about the body and things we can all do to help our bodies get rid of diseases and reach optimal health I recommend the Maintenance Health Consultation package 100%.

Pat Robinson
I’ve never gone through this process of detoxing your system and I can say I’m very happy that the process is natural. I thank Papyrus Herbals Online for the knowledge of foods and knowledge of health.

Luchan Baker III
I love all of the products. I’m a loyal customer and have recommended the different herbs to friends and family. Smart people would want to check it out. If not, that just leave more for me!


Agbara is a Power Product been great for my blocked tube. Great Product all the way around.

Kim Frohm

I was diagnosed with HIV over 12 years ago my condition was worsening and I was told I did not have long to live when Empress mailed some herbs to me to take. Took those herbs for a few months back then and my health changed it was improving daily until there was no signs of any HIV. I was so happy to feel well again.

One thing I did is what most people do- I went back to eating bad, and not taking care of myself years after being well. I took the new found health for granted and several years after Empress had helped me heal I went backwards again. In June of this year 2018 I was on my death bed begging for help. The pain of all that was happening in my body was unbearable. I couldn’t see good due to my allergies, my breathing was short, I couldn’t urinate without excruciating pain. I had been to many different medical facilities here in San Fransisco with no relief. I knew I had to reach back out to Empress and I did. She took me on again, we did a consult, the herbs came just when I thought I was on my last breath.. really I wanted to die because the pain was so bad. My friend was here with me so she opened the box of herbs. My friend started giving each of the herbs to me one by one. I took the Bitters, All of the Immune building herbs, the Tea, and everything she sent. I can tell no lie. In just 2 hrs the benefits was noticeable my headache went away, I was afraid to go to the bathroom because of the pain but I had to go. After just the first dose of all the herbs I went to the bathroom and the pain was far less than before. Oh my God just to write this I am reliving that pain. But it was better than hours before.

Today is September 1st, 2018 and I am in better shape now than back in June of this year. I can function. My doctors are shocked at my recovery. My health has been improving day by day. I can walk up the steps with out getting out of breath. Thank you Empress. I don’t know but this thing you do is for me and will try and never go off the path you set me on again. Thank you so much for helping me again. I have told all of the people I know need help with health about you. I Love You my Sister!!!

Samantha Wall Laidler
The products are great. I feel 100% better after using the products. I highly recommend these products.

Malicia Omidarian (Mel Omi)
This product is every female friend. I’ve been using this product for awhile and have to be honest, it help me through some unbalanced times that we women experience day to day. I highly recommend it to all who want to get through the day being completely in control of your feelings and sometimes actions.

Mr. Walter Henderson Sr.
All I know is I started using these herbs around 16 years ago I was just 62. My health was declining then. One of my concerns was Impotency, Diabetes. and high Blood Pressure. I had the Optimal Health Consultation; started the formulas and in just a few days I was feeling great. One thing I remember is I called Empress to share with her my benefit from the herbs. I told her then that I was coming to purchase all of those herbs she gave me off her shelf because I was Pole Vaulting out of bed in the mornings. I felt alive again. I got rid of all my medications I was on for my blood pressure, diabetes, and impotence. I haven’t taken any medications since a few months after using these herbal remedies. Over the past 15 years I use them for maintenance. I get a consult ever so often to keep on top of my health due to my age. I must say she has kept me in the game. I’m good and would recommend these formulas to anyone needing help with their health. I love her dearly. She does right by her people with what she is doing. I am now 78 years young as she always tells me. Keep up the good work God’s work!

Gebrina Coutee
I trust Empress with her high quality Papyrus Herbals Remedies. Our staples are becoming the Protein Vitae Plus, Crystal Green, and Sea Moss. So far we’re healthy and no pesky colds and such since we’re consuming them. Hibiscus is also a favorite alternative to high sugar drinks. Its been a relief having a quick go to for meal replacements when were on the road..

Michael Crawford
This is indeed and easy, yet complex review to make…

Easy, in that my spirit rest easy with the knowledge that when the ones who accept the referral and link that this One offers to all with healing necessities, will, if and when they to surrender and master their appetites to the instructions that she directs…they heal themselves.

Her formulas and remedies get to the point of origin of your dis-ease and discomfort.

She also has a mastered method of consultation that cuts to the core of your healing needs…

However, she is only recommended by, this review writer to Ones who are truly done with entertaining their “I have” illnesses and excuses for not changing the patterns that bring the illness.

As the hero/Heru of the story called JESUS was written to have spoken to Ones who had been healed by his presence or touch…”go in peace and sin no more…”. In other words, stop working against the well being of your own body and expecting to just heal or get better…

My recommendation, as always stands with the Empress and PAPYRUS HERBALS…

Review by One known to those who know…,


Mary Berkeley
WOW! Empress , When I first met you in 2000, I purchased, The 21 Day Cellular Cleansing Pak (which included Liquid Iron Natural Derivative). That worked for me, with Fasting 21 days twice back to back.

When I returned to my Gynecologist, amazingly I was no longer Anemic. I was full of energy and began my fitness walks around Oakland’s Lake Merritt and to Berkeley). This quite naturally assisted me with Weight Loss & Maintenance too. Of course, I later purchased the same Pak again and individual products. I’m so glad to reconnect. Thank you for choosing your path of studies & profession. Holistic Health is definitely God’s Provision of Cures. Lol! Thanks Again & God Bless You Always, Mary D. Berkeley

Peace, that Respiratory Relief package is amazing. I use it on my travels to the motherland. I even gave the Respiratory Relief to a friend there and he swears by it now. In fact he would like to marry you.

Darrin Jackson
I used the Sea Moss Powder product. This products works. It cleanses your body strengthens your bones and I have more energy during workouts, and feel much stronger. I highly recommend this product.

Arnold T. Hawkins Jr
Along with the Crystal Green Powder Drink Mix, I have been taking the Protein Vitae Plus for 4 days. I have noticed a difference in my work performance. While I have a very physically demanding job, this helps me to build muscle during a normal workday. We all need this type of Plant Based Protein. You need to jump on these products. I’m feeling healthier day by day. I’m much more than impressed. Thanks Empress!” ~Arnold T. Hawkins Jr

Dorian J
“I started using and incorporating the Weight Reducer Package which contained the Super Food Ultimate Package: Protein Vitae Plus and Crystal Green Powder in September 2017. These product combined with a change in my diet and consistent exercise has led me to releasing over 100 pounds in 3 months. I look forward to getting healthier and exploring Papyrus Herbals™ other products.“~Dorian J.

James Fullbright
“The products are great! I’ve been using the Agbara, Colon Cleansing Pak, Crystal Green Powder, Sinus Relief, and Bitter Tonic for a while now. I must say I’m feeling good. They give me extra energy, mental clarity, and I rest good at night!” ~James Fullbright

Bill Blass
I have been using Papyrus Herbals Herbs for about 18 years now…. If You are having any health issues, this is the place to be..Especially MAN issues…. Just try not to go Buck-Wild once the Empress gets You right again…~Bill Blass September, 2017

Wakeelah A Aliyah
I bare witness that Empress has developed a system and product line, that supports the human body with overcoming and healing itself of disease. In 2004 I went to Empress with concern for my mom health. After discussing my mom’s health challenges Empress did an over the phone consult with my mom and put together a program through her Optimal Health Consultation Package. The consultation allowed for Empress to tailor mom’s program to address mom’s specific diseases and deficiencies. Mom’s medical status was kidney failure, diabetes, bowel and bladder failure.

After three weeks of committing herself to the program developed by Empress, mom was back on her feet, able to feel her self needing to urinate, able to control her bowels, and was able to prevent dialysis for six years. The unfortunate things is after 6 years she went back to the bad eating patterns. However, Its 2017 and the fortunate thing is mom is still blessed to be here with us, and is ready to get back on the herbal program through Empress Papyrus Herbals Optimal Health Plan again. I am looking forward to mom’s healing, especially because I would love to have her around to someday experience grandchildren through me… August 2017


I like the ingredients in both the products I'm using the Agbara & the Bitter Tonic. These products are right for me. Top notch.

D. Jackson, RN
I have to say that I am so privileged to have the opportunity to use herbs of this quality and caliber. The Colon Cleansing Package does what it says it will do; Cleanse and Build. Now that I have started my third consecutive cleanse, I see clearly the transformation my body is going through. Even after converting to veganism over the last year, I noticed the releasing of old fecal matter from my intestinal tract. This release opened the pathway for my body to purge stored toxins. I know this because I started having these cycles of detox symptoms that would come and go. Within the first 2-3 weeks of starting the first cleanse I noticed my skin starting to clear! I have struggled with acne since Jr. High School, and now as an adult 20+ years later it has been my #1 health goal to see it all disappear. I am so pleased with how my acne is subsiding and I can now look forward to a future that is acne-free. One huge and unexpected result of taking this cleanse is the change in my vision. My eyeglass prescription has not changed in the last 15+ years, so when I went to my Optometrist one month ago I was shocked and thrilled that she had to lower the strength in my left eye!!! I highly recommend these products to anyone interested in living a life of Wellness, Vitality, and Longevity. -D. Jackson, RN May 4, 2017

I discovered Papyrus Herbals Online and their product last September. I was already beginning to lose weight and to shift my eating habits but I kept backsliding. Once I bought the WEIGHT LOSS Package and continued to use the product it gave me the energy, sustenance, and focus to not deviate from my plan. This product lied about my possibly losing 75 pounds I lost more. Today I’m a hundred pounds lighter after using this product package.

Denise Pate
I am so pleased with the herbs and the guidance I’ve received from Empress over the past 15 years. In 2000, I followed her program and lost over 50 pounds. It was wonderful. I have returned to her herbal plan recently (need to lose those pounds again) and am reminded of the overall benefit of taking her herbs and following her food guidance. She is quite knowledgeable and supportive. Her personalized plans work well for all types of lifestyles. Whatever your health challenge may be, Empress can help you. You need to go see this sistah!

Denise Pate Specializing in arts, youth, and community organizations, January 2016

Ra Dynasty

love this Green Powder Drink. After drinking it you feel like you digested some thing healthy and good for you. You can used it any time of day and let that green shine you up:) I love mixing it with Martinelli’s Sparking Cider, it tastes good and enjoyable. 5 Divine Stars

Juanita Mustafa

I am so happy to have ran into Empress after a few years of being out of touch- I had used Papyrus Herbals from its early conception 17 years ago to a few years ago and am glad to be back on them now. I have been using the Skin Care Products (Skin Lotion, Clay Pak, Skin Conditioner, and Black Soap) for two weeks and have noticeable results. My skin is softer, tighter. and the blemishes are nearly gone. I am also using the Hibiscus Tea, Protein Vitae Plus, and Crystal Green Powder for energy which mine have surged tremendously. I was on my last leg until I ordered these products. I feel so great that I introduced a friend of 50 years who was in need of serious help. I was very close to Empress when she started creating these products and I know she uses only the highest quality organic ingredients. The consultation methods used by this company gets right to the roots of your ailments. Empress is well versed on how to stay healthy physically and spiritually. I am happy to invest in my health with a company that holds 5 Stars in Integrity and the best costumer service around. November 24th, 2014.

Bennie Benjamin
The Best Herbal Products On The Market Hands Down!!!! I can say this because I’ve used products from several other herbal company’s one based in the Los Angeles and big commercial company’s as well; none of them compare to the quality you get with Papyrus Herbals. Papyrus Herbals remedies are consistent year in and year out, they are remarkable and the customer service is unbeatable. I learned about these products 17 years ago from a customer of mine. I had some respiratory problems, problems with energy, and problems with my libido. The first product I used was Male Nourisher now called Agbara (Strong Man). I felt the benefits right away from this product. I remember thinking that this was the best I had felt in a long time. I also took the Respiratory Relief for my cough and congestion. The cough subsided in about a hour after taking the herbal formula. The Respiratory Relief brought up all the mucus over the next few days and relieved my respiratory condition. Over the last 17 years I have tried several other Papyrus Herbals products with great results.

I am always amazed at how well versed this CEO Empress is with the field of Natural Health and what it takes to heal and be balanced in this world. She really knows her stuff and has always been a head of the game with the knowledge and info she imparts with her clients.

When ever I’m in her company I get a huge dose of her Southern Hospitality as she always serves the best Teas, Vegetarian Food, and Samples of other products for you to try. I also stick with these products because the CEO Empress looks like she haven’t aged in the 17 years I’ve been doing business with her. She grows most of her own food and lives by what she teaches. She has the best looking skin and is always in good physical shape…she’s an amazing example of what having Optimal Health should be like!

I’m looking forward to the Healthy Living videos she’s working on for the website. I Highly recommend Papyrus Herbals to anyone in need of healing any health related ailment be it Physical or Spiritual. Papyrus Herbals Organic Products and Services Are The Best!!!! November 3, 2014

Bill Bliss
Agbara. This will put You “back on point.” The Sea Moss kinda doubles it. No side affects!

Dorian J.
I started using and incorporating the Super Food Ultimate Package: Protein Vitae Plus and Crystal Green Powder in September 2017. These product combined with a change in my diet and consistent exercise has led me to releasing over 100 pounds. I look forward to getting healthier and exploring Papyrus Herbals™ other products.


I have been doing a lot of liver flushes, however, the release of toxins from what I was doing impacted my digestion in an unsettling way. After taking the Bitter Tonic I immediately felt it working in my liver area. My digestion has improved as a result of taking the tonic. I highly recommend the Bitter Tonic for digestion and liver detoxing.

Rasheedah Shakir
I highly recommend your products to anyone because they work as you say they do. I was especially impressed with the Sea Moss Powder, the Cellular Builder and the Cellular Cleanse capsules to anyone feeling sluggish. You will get pep in your step within a week, well, I know I did!

Rasheedah Sabreen Shakir, January 9,2014

Darlynn Bailey
Your products are amazing Empress! I used the 21 day cleanse with the Female Nourisher. Best cleanse I have ever tried. I would recommend that cleanse if anyone is searching for one this winter.

Darlynn Bailey January 9, 2014

Ausar Allah El
I can truly say, that Empress is truly an Adept in the field of Health, Nutrition and Spirituality…

I have recommended people most important in my life journey, including my sister and mother who were both brought much assistance through difficult healing circumstances…

I can also attest to the fact that mucous is the very strong if not the main factor in illness for the body…

Absolutely recommended, is this path…

Empress, may you continue to flourish and prosper as you continue to honor the Creator and the ancestors through studying and applying our ancient ways…

Success to you always,

Ausar Allah El, January 11, 2014

Anushka Baltes
Empress is a seasoned accomplished multi-dimensional healer. She does in-person as well as phone consultations. Whether you are looking to detox and /or work on deep rooted health challenges, she can assist you on your path towards health and balance! ~Anushka Baltes January 11, 2014

Rorree R. Tillman
Empress: Diamond you have been such a blessing to me. The Consultations I've had with you have definitely helped me with my health condition but you have also helped me in personal & business life as an entrepreneur. You have helped me through some ruff times over the past years. Every time I take the herbs I feel the cleansing on a deep level. My health has improved since Ive been using your Herbal Remedies & my mom loves your products as well. I am grateful for you & your Herbals Remedies.

Keith Ford
Empress has helped many people with the HIV virus. Most of them wish to remain anonymous. When I first met Empress, I was bed ridden and thought I was on the verge of dying. She did a consultation over the phone and recommended some herbal combinations, which her company composed. When I received the products, I followed the instructions to a “T”. And one day later I was up walking around the house. The second day, I was feeling even better. The third day, a friend came by and I was strong enough to go fishing with him. My energy level had skyrocketed in just a few days. I had tried other products and none of them could compare to what Empress had sent me via the mail. In one month, my white blood cell count had improved which was good. All of my symptoms had disappeared and I felt fine. It has been a year and I have not gone back wards. My health has steadily improved. I highly recommended any one with HIV or any other dis-ease to call Empress. She has helped several friends and family members with other disorders. Her products are quality and they do what they say they do.

-Keith Ford, 2004

Joyce Haymond
I was bedridden and had been told I only had a few months to live. I felt better after taking the first month of my program on the herbs Diamond sent to me by mail.. It is Dec. 2006 and according to my Doctor’s I should be gone by now. I’m noticing my body being built up again taking the herbs. My family and friends are saying I look good and they can see a big change in my energy level. I am flushing waste and toxins out of my system via my bowels now. My Doctor’s was surprised by the good changes in my test results. The cancer cells have began to disappear. He told me to continue doing what I was doing and I have. . I just want to Thank Diamond for all of her help. She is truly a blessing to me, because I did not know I could count on someone I never met in person. I had a phone consult. Thank you so much Love Always!!!

-Joyce Haymond ,2006

Camelia Franklin
I often call just to tell her how wonderful her herbs are. I feel blessed to have been introduced to her by my cousin. Before meeting Empress I suffered from hot flashes I had been using what my doctor prescribed and other things on the market and was not getting relief. I was skeptical at first but after using Empressherbs the other stuff I used could not compare. Using herbs was like driving a Mercedes and the other things I used was like driving a Hyundai. I love her products and her customer service. Thanks Empress keep on doing what you are doing.

-Camelia Franklin, 1999/ Elementary School Teacher

Lajune Thompson
“I was diagnosed with cancer and given a short time to live by my doctor. I was introduced to Diamond. I immediately felt she was God sent. It was something about the way she explained things to me about my health. I was given a Therapeutic Package (Optimal Health Consultation Package) of herbs to take . After taking the herbs for 1 week I went to the toilet and felt a thick glump drop out, so I looked to see and was frightened to see a pus looking worm floating in the toilet. Empress had given me some herbs for parasites. I was shocked at how soon I was feeling benefits.I was no longer tired and began to feel life again. I stuck with the program and began to feel my body healing. On Dec. 19, 1998 I went to my doctor for a routine check to get my results. My Doctor was shocked . They could not find any signs of cancer in my body. I’d been taking the herbal compounds for several months .I could not help but remember the day I had released the pus looking worm in the toilet. I remembered Diamond saying ” at the root of most dis– eases there are parasites” I was blessed to meet Diamond. She was God sent..

– Lajune Thompson, 1998