The Ancient (Khemetians) Egyptians maintained that nutritional deficiencies were caused by eating foods that had a lower vibration frequency than your own body vibration or resonance. They measured foods by the radiance (light) it held from the Sun. The Ancients believed that in order to maintain optimal health one must eat foods based on their own genetic structure and their natural placement geographically by the Most High. Where philosophy is concerned nutrition is one of four methods in which an individual can maintain a high Spiritual Life and keep all things balanced within the universe. Eating foods with a low vibrational frequency is one of the main reasons people fall short of Optimal Health and being able to live in a civilized manner in society. Almost all diseases has it’s roots in some sort of nutritional deficiency.

The word Chemistry comes from the Khemtic root word Khem which means black. Chemistry seeks to Discover, Understand, and Prove the true Nature of all Matter. People of African descent have been getting by on a diet not meant for them. This has been one of the major causes of their destruction in America. “African Americans” have been on a western diet that does not compliment their genetic structure or chemistry. The Creator placed every man, woman and child in a geographical location to suite his chemistry for a reason. Naturally a man, woman, or child from Europe from the colder climates could not survive on the nutrition of the Africans from tropical or sub tropic regions. The nutrition for the African would cause a European to become chilly, fatigued and full of phlegm and visa versa. To eat foods that does not complement your body chemistry is devastating and is one of the leading causes of nutritional deficiencies today.

In maintaining a state of homeostasis, remember it is the physical and chemical entity which is subject to the laws of physics and chemistry. It is perhaps that the physical body as we know it is not the whole man and is not the essential being of man. It follows that disease is merely a manifestation of the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of mans being and the disease is a reflection of it in its entirety. In most cases the doctors suppress the illness in an attempt to bring about a state of homeostatious. In maintaining a state of homostatious one must carefully consider his genetic chemistry while tending to his physical, emotional and spiritual well being as well.

Since mans degeneration through civilization, he no longer knows what to do when he becomes sick. The general principles of healing are simple and few. Our lack of wanting food when we become sick is one of the very first methods nature gives us to heal ourselves. It is becoming a fad to gain acceptance of Practitioners, Doctors and others whom have gotten a whiff of information on health, they believe that the main cause of your illness is caused by a foreign invader. But it has not lead to dealing with the roots of the many illnesses that continue to plague our society today. I am here to tell you that the foreign material isn’t so foreign after all, it is the undigested, un eliminated, decayed, rotted food elements resulting from eating wrong foods.

People who eat processed genetically modified food, starchy vegetables, and meat has systems clogged with mucus; a sticky slimy substance that gets harder over time from not being eliminated consistently. This condition causes the circulation to become stagnant. Cleansing and Building using herbs is a great way to correct these problems and to help restore the balance lost from eating these wrong foods. This undigested matter leaves behind mucus in all forms of diseases thus you have congestion of your body cells and nutritional deficiencies. - The Empress