Optimal Health consultation packages were created to deal with deep seated illnesses. The consultation method used help take the guess work out of what natural therapies to recommend for specific illnesses. The herbal compounds used are our Optimal Health Product line designed to help work with specific areas to help bring about healing in the body as a whole. Pathological Products can only be ordered through our consultation process. The purpose for this bundled package is to take the participant through a 2 Month Phase to jump start the healing process with 2 Optimal Health Product packages.
: $2,100.00



This package is recommended if you have had Prolonged Health Conditions are serious health concerns ; such as Diabetes, Cancer, Multiple Socorosis, Lupus and other such illnesses. The purpose for this bundled package is to take the participant through a 2 Month Phase; we recommended 9-12 months or longer to begin reversing some of their pathologies with ongoing monitoring, improved nutritional changes to protect and promote optimal health, deprogramming of bad habits and negative thinking, and the use and experience of our quality herbal products to help facilitate deep cleansing , blood building and detoxification. Optimal Health Products are not listed and are discussed at the time of consultation review.


*Initial Consultation that deals with ALL aspects of the roots of an illness, insight & remedies to assist healing in all areas of ones life; Spiritual, Physical, and Mental. Time: (1 1/2-2hrs)

*2 Optimal Health Product Packages containing 6-8 Remedies over 6-8 weeks.

* Follow up support to monitor your progress

*Up to date information about your condition

*Health and Nutrition Profile

*Nutritional Foods Booklet

*Systems Analysis

Gain Access To Additional Services In Person Only (Additional Fees Apply):

*CHI Activation ($40-10mins, $55- 20mins, $75=30mins)

*Natural Infra Red Deep Cellular Heat Penetration ($45=15-20mins, $60-25-30mins, $100-60mins)

*Dry Blood Cell Analysis $110

*Irridology $85

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