Natal Birth Chart [304-NBC]

Natal Birth Chart [304-NBC]

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The Ancients used Natal Birth Charts to help them inner stand areas in the initiate’s life that needed attention in order for him or her to elevate to higher spiritual levels. It gives details of programming from your past lives you haven’t mastered. It also gives insight to the many challenges you may face now and in the future. It can help you to better see how the different parts of your life all fit together as a whole.

The birth chart can be used as a road map to overcoming those challenges and help one gain insight into their life’s true potentials. The Natal Birth Charts main purpose is to show you ways of solving those problem areas through mastery. A key component is that it shows you the many possibilities in your life you may have never thought of.

(Charts are sent via e mail or mailed directly to you at the address provided with the billing information. You must e mail us with your time and date of nativity, geographical location nativity took place, full name at time of nativity you can add your current name as well if different from name given at nativity.)

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